Tongue in Cheek ; )

Hi, Dr. Ang here. For a very long time I wanted to inject my comedy into whole person health and healing, however I realized quickly that sometimes comedy can offend or be taken the wrong way, and that is the last thing I want to do. So here is my disclaimer: I may write or share things here that could offend you but that is not my intent. My sole intent is to express issues and put a lighter spin on things so that hopefully you will laugh instead of cry, feel more positive, not want to kick your cat…or your neighbor (i have both but have not yet kicked either). You see, if we can all take a deep breath, smile and say something kind or funny or if you’re me, kinda funny. Then I believe our world will be a much happier healthier place to hang out. So please hang out with me in my first ever “Laughter is the Best Medicine” blog.