Integrative Patient-Centered Approach to Optimal health

A person-centered team approach to medical care, health promotion and disease prevention; incorporating key health drivers like nutrition, fitness, stress management, lifestyle/behaviors, restorative sleep, patient education and empowerment. Putting patients at the center of care and empowering them with the knowledge for optimal wellness and healing.

Integrative Provider-Centered Approach to Practice

Takes account of the provider’s professional growth, personal health, values, and vision. Offering infrastructure, procedures and options while providing education and tools for integrative whole-patient care in order to facilitate provider-patient engagement and improved health outcomes while inspiring the highest standards of care.

Community-Based Health & Wellness

Going beyond the traditional doctor’s office. Encouraging healthcare stakeholders that include providers, employers, insurance companies, policy makers, academia, and patients to support a comprehensive community network.  Encouraging public/private partnerships and health-oriented collaborations to spark innovation for business wellness programs, community health initiatives, DoD/Veteran healthcare partnerships, public parks, fitness centers, school programs, and much more.  Be part of your community!


Creating a culture of wellness while laying the foundation
for our current/future health, success and happiness