Q Provides The Following Services:

Tailor and incorporate healthcare infrastructure for your medical center to include programs and procedures utilizing cost-effective integrative U.S. models – based on your vision, mission, resources, and patient needs & continuum of care

Initiate patient surveys and market research to focus energy and resources towards specific outcomes and goals

Determine innovative, evidence-based complementary health practices that seamlessly integrate into your existing healthcare center, department, and patient treatment strategy

Develop and apply business/healthcare analytics to support marketing plans, stakeholder reports, community education and advocacy/lobbying impact assessments

Offer education and training on integrative healthcare, evidence-based complementary therapies, Veteran affairs, government incentives and the future of consumer-based healthcare

Coordinate and facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers (hospitals, urgent care, primary care, specialists, outpatient care, home health, complementary therapists), patients, networks and their communities

Integrative Healthcare is Happening Now!

Balancing Healthcare with Patient-Centered Programs
Meeting the Needs of the Patients, Providers, and Stakeholders

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